Teachers take to street in protest

Vernon Teachers Association rally opposes imposed settlement

  • Jun. 22, 2012 3:00 p.m.

Teachers insist it’s time for the government to negotiate a contract.

Members of the Vernon Teachers Association rallied along 32nd Street and 25th Avenue Wednesday to oppose the province imposing a settlement.

“We are tired of broken promises, stonewalling by the employer, attacks by the employer, a mediator with a one-sided mandate and a never-ending stream of legislation,” said Bruce Cummings, VTA president.

Cummings says while teachers are doing their best to negotiate with the employer, the government-appointed mediator plans to stop the process and present a report to government by June 30.

“The crisis we have in B.C. is created by our government floundering in the polls,” he said.

“They are bankrupt in ideas, they lack vision, they won’t listen to reason and they believe that might makes right.”


Vernon Morning Star