Tapping aquifer makes no sense in a drought

Chemainus – During one of the driest springs on record, the Chemainus River is running very low and its side channels are drying up. Newly born salmon are dying and mature salmon are having trouble returning to spawn in the warm shallow waters.

North Cowichan has already placed water use restrictions. But meanwhile the municipality is applying to the province to pump 12 months a year from the river’s aquifer to supply water for Chemainus area residents.

It was shown years ago that the river and its aquifer are directly connected. It seems as though North Cowichan is more than somewhat disconnected in this regard.

Rather than maintain its existing surface water supply from Banyan Creek, it would rather go the ‘cheap’ short-term route by overuse of our groundwater from the aquifer.

Another California anyone?

Mark Kiemele


Cowichan Valley Citizen