Tahltan Central Government’s communication team, led by Gordan Infanti, won national awards for the First Nation’s rebranding campaign, on Thursday, Sept.23. ( Submitted photo)

Tahltan communication team snags national award for the First Nation’s rebranding campaign

The new brand elements illustrated by Tahltan artists borrows from traditional beadwork and artwork

  • Sep. 24, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Tahltan Central Government’s (TCG) communications team snagged multiple national awards for their branding campaign.

TCG communications department was awarded gold under the category of brand development campaign of the year at the National Awards of Excellence 2021, hosted by the Canadian Public Relations Society, on Sept. 22.

Tahltan leadership said the national recognition of their rebranding efforts – presented to the jury as ‘Creating the Tahltan Central Government Brand Identity – a Guide to Future Generations’ – is an incredible validation for the new Tahltan brand.

The elements incorporated in TCG’s branding have been illustrated by Tahltan artists and borrows from traditional shapes found in the First Nation’s beadwork. Similarly, the colours used in the designs were selected from traditional Tahltan artwork and textiles.

In addition, the TCG communications department was also won the silver under the best publication category for 2020 Fish & Wildlife Newsletter.

Gordon Infanti, TCG’s communications and external relations director said the rebrand was a team effort and about creating an authentic Tahltan identity – based on the history of Tahltan culture and language.

“In order to do this, countless hours of research, strategy development and co-creating occurred,” he said and added, “Thank you to the past and present TCG Board, TCG Staff, and in particular, President Chad Norman Day, Adam Amir, Amber Blenkiron, Odelia Dennis,Tsēmā Igharas, Kody Penner, Edōsdi – Judy Thompson, Bobby Whang, and Roodenburg Design Consultants for their co-creation and collaboration on this project.”

Tahltan President Chad Norman Day also took to social media to celebrate the win. “The Tahltan Nation and the Tahltan Central Government Team is always working hard and collaborating to evolve, grow and reach new levels of opportunity and prosperity for our beloved People, Communities and Nation,” wrote Day in a Facebook post, Sept. 23.

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