Swollen waterways should recede in Chilliwack by next week

The north tip of Chilliwack could be inundated in the wake of high streamflow advisory

Local waterways are expected to see peak flows sometime before Tuesday in the 2017 snowmelt freshet.

The Fraser River has been rising rapidly due to warmer temperatures and melting snow in the upper ranges which is why the BC River Forecast Centre issued a high streamflow advisory Thursday.

No major flooding is expected in Chilliwack but there could be seepage or inundation in the unprotected areas.

Chilliwack waterways are swollen to almost bank full conditions, which could be seen Friday in the rising waters of the Hope Slough, and back eddies of the Fraser like near Island 22.


They saw a big jump in river levels caused by snowmelt last week and are expecting another by the weekend, said Dave Campbell, head of the River Forecast Centre.

Flows in the upper Fraser Valley are expected to reach up to 10,000 cubic metres per second this weekend.

When the Fraser River flooded in 2007 and in 2012, the river flow was in the 11,000 to 12,000 range.

The advisory means that there could be minor flooding in low-lying areas not protected with diking.

Water levels of the Fraser River at the Mission gauge are forecasted to peak at 5.9 metres to 6.05 metres over the weekend and by Tuesday.

“These levels are below the level of 6.4 metres experienced in 2012. After reaching peak levels this weekend, flows are expected to recede slowly next week,” according to the City of Chilliwack’s 2017 Freshet info page.

Anyone venturing out on the recreational trails along the dikes is asked to restrict movements to the top of the protected dike area.

Keep up-to-date tabs on the river in Chilliwack at Chilliwack.com/floodprotection

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