Students help out Fort Mac school

Colwood's David Cameron elementary raises money for a school in Fort McMurray

David Cameron elementary students learned the value of giving as a result of their recent fundraising efforts.

The Colwood school’s Parent Advisory Committee voted to donate half the money collected from a recent raffle fundraiser where students sold over 1,000 tickets at $2 apiece. Half those funds will go to a Fort McMurray school that was so damaged it won’t reopen this year.

“We know how hard PACs work and understand the devastation, and want to donate the money to a school that was greatly impacted,” said David Cameron PAC fundraising co-ordinator Fern Smythe. “It was a way our kids could feel like they had a part to play in helping out.”

Beacon Hill public school is the recipient of the funds raised through a raffling of a donated Drift Trike, a Samsung tablet donated by Staples, and $100 cash.

David Cameron’s principal and a teacher even offered to dye their hair a bright colour if they reached the $2,000 total goal, which the students achieved.

“I think for the kids, the more we talk to them, the more they understand they can make a difference in their community or the community surrounding them,” Smythe said.

Goldstream News Gazette