Mike Schouten

Mike Schouten

South Surrey pro-life campaigner leaves Christian Heritage Party

Mike Schouten calls departure polite, says he isn’t abandoning his cause

Mike Schouten has quit the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) that he represented as a candidate during the last federal election in South Surrey.

He resigned from all his duties with CHP Canada and handed in his membership last week.

Schouten, who once described himself as an “openly Christian politician working for an openly Christian political party” said he left because he has another opportunity to concentrate more on the pro-life cause that is his primary concern than he did within the CHP.

Schouten said he was approached by some people after the last federal election, when he ran as the CHP candidate in South Surrey, finishing sixth of nine with 429 votes, or less than one per cent of ballots cast.

He said he did a lot of “soul-searching” after the campaign wondering “if my gifts and talents were well-used in a political setting.”

He said he cannot say much about his new direction because it is still in the planning stages.

“This really suited my skill set better,” he told the Peace Arch News.

“It is in the political realm and it involves this issue.”

He said he expects to have more to say by mid-spring.

Schouten described his departure from the CHP as a polite one.

“They were disappointed, obviously,” he said.

But he also said there were moments during his time with the CHP when he felt he wasn’t focusing enough on the issue he is most passionate about, the rights of the unborn.

“Sometimes I was distracted by other things.”

Before he joined CHP in 2009, Schouten was a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

He said he left to join the CHP because he was concerned about the direction of the federal Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In May, Schouten drew a number of critical responses when he wrote a letter to PAN commenting on what he described as “the hijacking of local anti-bullying campaigns by homosexual advocates and various forms of media.”

In the letter, he referred to homosexuality as “a completely unnatural lifestyle,” and added schools should educate “students about many of the physical and mental perils that come with living a homosexual lifestyle.”


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