Solar investment stupid

Re: One Cowichan What great news! Now we can follow in the footsteps of the Victoria strata that recently, and proudly, announced its commitment to solar power.

The council president, a confessed eco-freak, convinced the members to finance a solar installation that would save a quarter of the council’s annual $6,000 Hydro bill.

Oops! It’s going to take these idiots, the strata members, 30 years to amortize the cost – and this without factoring in: insurance, upgrades, increased roof repair/replacement (we’re talking long periods of time), etc. Any idea of the average age of a strata member?

My guess (based on my experience with another strata in Victoria) would be over 70 years of age!

The same concept applies here: why would I invest in a minimum 25-year amortization at my age?

I may have a few, age-delivered loose screws, but none are loose enough to see me “going solar”.

That is, not unless these escapees from the Slocan valley convince the CVRD board to pay for it.

Pat Mulcahy Cowichan Carbon Mythbuster

Cowichan Valley Citizen