Vanderhoof Tim Hortons owners Richard and Rashelle Martens with manager Morgan Macleod are excited to help support the St. John Hospital Auxiliary through this year’s annual Smile Cookie campaign. (Rebecca Dyok photo)

Smile Cookies from Vanderhoof Tim Hortons to support St. John Hospital Auxiliary

Annual Smile Cookie campaign returns

  • Sep. 14, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Tim Hortons in Vanderhoof is supporting the St. John Hospital Auxiliary through their annual Smile Cookie campaign.

From Monday, Sept. 13 to Sunday, Sept. 19, you can enjoy a cookie for just a dollar (plus tax) while helping the organization that aims to improve the care and comfort of patients at St. John Hospital and Stuart Nechako Manor.

All proceeds from the sale of every smile cookie will go to the St. John Hospital Auxiliary.

“We think it’s important for the community,” said co-owner Richard Martens.

Rashelle Martens said everyone would benefit.

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“Everyone in town uses the hospital, and with COVID-19 and what they’ve been up against, it just made sense,” she said.

Last year, proceeds from smile cookies were also donated to the St. John Hospital Auxiliary that Rashelle said were used to purchase some great equipment for the local hospital.

“We just want to want to see that continue,” she added.

Late Tuesday morning, Sept. 14, Richard said it looked like they would exceed their $2,500 goal based on the excellent community turnout and support they have currently received.

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