Slashed tires at Lussier Hot Springs

Suspect appears to be targeting Albertans, police say

  • Jun. 1, 2015 2:00 p.m.

Cpl. Chris Newel

Over the past 2 years Kimberley RCMP has received a number of complaints about vandalism to vehicles while parked at Lussier Hot Springs in White Swan Provincial Park.   The random acts of vandalism involve the slashing of tires. Given the remote location and the randomness of the incidents it’s been very difficult for police to investigate.  There could be several tires slashed on a particular day and then nothing for weeks or even months.




The damage in addition to cost is a major inconvenience as there is no cell coverage, no services nearby and minimal traffic to assist.  It would appear the suspect(s) is targeting vehicles from Alberta which is very disturbing.




Police are working with BC Parks, Conservation Officer Services, Natural Resource Officers and the park contractor, Kootenay Park Services in an effort to increase awareness and subsequently identify a suspect.  Police have also been working on a number of strategies with other agencies to further the investigation.




Police believe the suspect likely resides in the area and has a strong unrealistic perception as to who should be allowed to use the park.   The investigation into the incidents is continuing, police have some leads but are looking for further information.




If you utilize White Swan Provincial Park, specifically the Lussier Hot Springs area please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to Kimberley RCMP.


Kimberley Daily Bulletin