Similkameen Farmworkers Campground Society emphasize farm accommodations this year

Update on present initiatives of the Similkameen Farmworkers Campground Society


Following our last meeting earlier this year, the committee members decided that creating a campground again was not feasible at this time. The group decided to change the focus to an advocacy group instead.

Doe Gregoire was invited to give a workshop at the annual meeting of the COABC (certified organic association of British Columbia). The topic included issues surrounding the lack of accommodations for farm workers and alternative means to alleviate this problem. Along with the lecture a brief questionnaire was handed out and completed by those farmers who attended the lecture asking for their feedback on the issue.

The RDOS has been in touch with our group to possibly promote and deliver a similar questionnaire to the farmers in Area “B” and “G” asking for their feedback and or support for providing better accommodations for their workers where necessary.

In the mean time Doe has information for the farmers about how to create inexpensive out door hot showers using a hot water on-demand unit, with plans for easy construction as well as inexpensive ways to build a kitchen area using a travel trailer. Farmworkers for the most part don’t mind using tents as long as they have a place to pitch it and have a way to cook and get clean after work.

Anyone wanting a copy of the shower plans, please contact Doe at 499-2952








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