'Significant' cash cache unclaimed at White Rock RCMP for months

‘Significant’ cash cache unclaimed at White Rock RCMP for months

Police say no one has come looking for money that was turned in to White Rock RCMP four months ago.

It’s been four months since someone turned “a significant amount of money” over to police in White Rock – and still no one has come forward to claim it.

Const. Shaileshni Molison said Friday the cash discovery – which was only made public Thursday afternoon – was made in late October, “in a shopping area, in uptown White Rock/South Surrey.”

An area resident turned it in, she said, describing the finder as “a very honest local citizen.”

Police efforts to identify the rightful owner, however, have not been successful.

Molison would not disclose the sum of money, what currency was found or the denominations. She did say it was in a case of sorts, and that there is no evidence to suggest the cash is connected to anything nefarious.

Typically, found money is held for 90 days, then can be claimed by the finder.

Molison said in this case, the finder “is really not interested in it.” As well, police are not ready to give up their search.

“I think it’s really important,” she said. “It’s probably somebody’s rent money, or somebody’s grocery money, or holiday money.”

Molison said anyone who believes the cash is theirs should contact the White Rock detachment at 778-593-3600. They must be able to provide its dollar value, denomination and currency, as well as describe what it was being carried in.

“We were hoping that somebody would come forward because of the amount of cash it is,” Molison said. “It’s enough that someone would notice it’s missing.”


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