the big spend

the big spend

Shop local on July 25 to support Houston businesses

Mark your calendars and say thank you to our community's backbone

  • Jul. 15, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Houston businesses have a history of supporting local endeavours, be it hockey teams, or mountain biking trails, or support with repair work of local iconic structures and even to the locals directly in the form of helping raise money for food banks.

It is time to give back to the local businesses and support them, as they support the community from time to time.

On July 25, Canada with the help of the District of Houston and Houston Today, are launching ‘The Big Spend’. So, mark your calendars to support local businesses.

Now what is this Big Spend? Do you have to spend exorbitant amounts? Why now?

It is simple, really. The Big Spend, doesn’t mean any one individual is urged to spend big. It is when collectively, the Houston community would come together, loosen its purse strings and spend even a little that it would result in a big difference for Houston businesses.

Covid has had far-reaching effects, not just for individuals but for local businesses. Just a day’s closure can affect businesses substantially, now imagine sitting at home without a consistent pay check and no idea when and how the business losses would recover. This scary scenario is a reality for many local businesses today.

Over the years, so many Houston businesses have donated and funded community events and supported local sports teams like hockey, soccer, raised money for individuals during their own tough days of Covid closures and are responsible for substantial local employment. Your son or daughter is probably employed this summer by a local business.

The Big Spend is an opportunity for the residents of the Houston community to come out responsibly, and buy things locally from these businesses. Considering our population, if each of us just spends on a cup of coffee or even just $10, that could easily add up and generate over $20,000 in revenue for our business community.

The Big Spend is going to be a Canada-wide event to help revive the Canadian economy, by supporting the local businesses for each village, district, city in Canada.

The District of Houston and the Houston Today hope to see the Houston community banding together, shopping local on July 25.

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