Shearing’s parole denied

The National Parole Board decided Tuesday that Shearing was still not ready for freedom

Convicted killer David Shearing has been denied parole for a second time.

The National Parole Board decided Tuesday that Shearing, who was convicted of killing the six members of the Johnson-Bentley family near Wells Gray Park in 1982, was still not ready for freedom.

For the first time, Shearing apologized for his crimes, but without affecting the parole board’s decision.

He was turned down during his first application for parole in 2008 after serving 25 years for his conviction.

Following that hearing, Shearing (who now uses his mother’s name of Ennis) complained that the National Parole Board had acted in a manner that was “unfair, unreasonable and based on fabricated information.”

Shearing said his lack of visible remorse during the 2008 hearing was due to the stress he experienced from so many victims and media watching him.

Barriere Star Journal