The Red Roof Church in Rossland. (Chelsea Novak/file photo)

The Red Roof Church in Rossland. (Chelsea Novak/file photo)

Seven Summits moving to Red Roof Church

The Seven Summits Centre for Learning will start the new school year in a new location.

The Seven Summits Centre for Learning will start the new school year in a new location.

Seven Summits’ administrators recently reached an agreement with the St. Andrew’s United Church — a.k.a. the Red Roof Church — in Rossland to lease the building after it became apparent that the centre’s current space was too small for the growing student body.

“We usually get more in the summer, but we’re definitely ahead of last year right now,” Shelley Ackerman, treasurer for Seven Summits, said of registration at the centre.

The school has 47 students registered so far for September, whereas last year at the same time they only had 43.

“We’d love if we hit 50. That would be pretty exciting,” said Ackerman. “So you never know what will happen over the summer.”

Seven Summits will leave its current location by the end of August and to get the new space ready for the school to move in, Seven Summits will be holding work parties on the weekends of July 22-23 and Aug. 12-13. Those who’ll be away during those dates can also contact the school about helping out.

“We will happily, happily take volunteers anytime they’re available,” said Ackerman.

Ackerman anticipates that the work will include painting, flooring, cleaning and installing electrical outlets — though the school has approached an electrician for the latter. The old space on Columbia Avenue will also need to be packed up.

To volunteer, contact Ann Quarterman or Sue McBride at 250-362-7772 and

While Seven Summits will be using the space at the church, the congregation will also continue using the space for services and other events.

“We just think it’s a great community cooperation,” said Ackerman.

“We’re quite excited about it,” said Brenda Hooper, chair of the St. Andrew’s facilities opportunity committee.

The committee was formed in the spring and looks at ways that the church can meet needs in the community through the asset that it has in its building.

“We’re still looking at creating a vision for that church building and so the school will be part of that discussion about sort of a long-term vision,” said Hooper.

The Rossland and Trail United Church congregations are in the process of amalgamating, so there is a similar committee looking at that building. In the meantime, the congregations have been alternating church buildings from month to month.

In preparation for Seven Summits’ move into the space, St. Andrew’s held a church garage sale last week to make some room.

“We’re quite excited that there will be kids in the building again,” said Hooper.

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