Seniors’ Column

This weeks column explores how to stay active in those slower winter months.

This is the time of the year when seniors in particular are known to sometimes feel a bit low or possibly less energetic than usual.

There are many valid reasons that crop up in our lives for making us react this way, such as having to deal with winter weather extremes or sudden and unexpected changes, which are taking place right on our own doorsteps.

The fact is, one doesn’t need to feel isolated and alone when dealing with difficult life challenges of one sort or another. With this in mind, I recently learned that help is available from a representative of an important helping agency known as the West Kootenay Boundary Regional Crisis (telephone) Line and Information Service.

The crisis line serves residents of our own area including Burton, Arrow Park, Fauquier, Edgewood as well as Trout Lake, Nakusp, New Denver and Silverton, in addition to many other districts and neighbourhoods located within the West Kootenay Boundary area.

This is a toll-free 24 hour not-for-profit telephone service, operating seven days a week.

Trained staff and volunteers are available to provide information and encouraging assistance in an anonymous and confidential manner including suicide intervention and prevention, localized community service information and non-judgmental support, which is needed during challenging times.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and need someone to listen and offer understanding, the crisis line staff and volunteers are there to help in a safe and supportive manner. For more details, call toll-free 1-888-353-2273.


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