Seniors’ Column

This week's issue bring to light support groups and their importance for older generations.

The overall purpose of neighbourhood or organized support groups is to reinforce the activities and importance of bringing together wellness and health-related individuals and organizations who network in their effort to meet common goals. Participants believe that positive change happens through enacting individual efforts combined with the compassionate support of others.

In the past, people relied primarily on family members, neighbours and good friends residing within the community we called home in order to both receive and share helpful information, experience and support.

Today, primarily due to the rapid changes occurring throughout society, people look toward those who face similar challenges to their own via more formalized support groups as a vital source of inspiration and solace.

Benefits experienced as a result of tapping into a support group include feeling empowered as one seeks to assume an active role in governing one’s own health and well-being to the maximum extent possible whilst gaining self-confidence in coping with life’s challenges throughout the process.

The following are some suggested behaviours which might point to an individual’s need to reach out for support:

Social withdrawal at not being able to make you or your loved one feel better, resulting in becoming irritable or short tempered.

Anxiety worry about one’s ability to face the next day, or feel jumpy and out of control.

Exhaustion and sleeplessness can sometimes lead to a lack of concentration, even after a full night’s sleep.

Health problems can also lead to finding little or no time to take care of oneself along with experiencing an increase in the incidence of colds, flu or other illnesses according to caregivers and health workers.

For additional information and support on a variety of needs we may be facing on the subject of mental health within the Nakusp general area, contact Arrow Lakes Community Services for details of individual or family counselling programs and services at 250-265-3674.


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