Seniors’ Column

This week's edition focuses on keeping pets safe during the hot summer months.

How many of us are aware that the temperature within a parked car, even in the shade, can rapidly reach a dangerous level high enough to seriously harm or even kill your pet?

Think of this: the outside temperature of one’s vehicle may register at 26 degrees centigrade, however after just 20 minutes, inside it can raise to 43 degrees centigrade.

The BC SPCA as well as other organizations who are concerned about the health and welfare of our pets (including Nakusp area’s PALS) urges pet owners to familiarize themselves with the warning signs of heatstroke.

Symptoms include your pet’s lack of coordination, exaggerated panting, salivation, weakness, muscle tremors and also convulsions or vomiting. In addition, make certain to observe the pet’s tongue and normally red coloured lips, which may eventually turn bluish in colour. These are warning signs that your pet may be in trouble.

It’s wise to put together an emergency kit for your pet for use during times when the threat of impending forest fires during these difficult times, becomes a reality.

“No one likes to think that an emergency like a wildfire or even an earthquake will happen, but in the event that it does, it’s best to make sure you are prepared in advance for your own sake, as well as for your beloved family pet,” according to the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as well as other associated animal welfare groups including Nakusp’s PALS.


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