Seniors’ Column

This week's column looks at the Arrow Lakes Better at Home program.

Looking ahead, the proportion of seniors who reside within the Nakusp area or other parts of Canada, is projected to increase sharply over the next few decades.

Issues of particular concern to older citizens will no doubt evolve as a result, and will require serious consideration whether on the part of the various levels of government, or members of our community in general.

Working together in meeting one’s various needs, we can ensure that seniors may continue to play a strong and productive role within all aspects of society As our aging population continues to grow, an increasing number of older citizens are reaching out to acquire simple aid and domestic assistance. The goal is to be able to live comfortably, independently and safely within their own homes for as long as is possible.

The good news is that a new program, which is designed to help seniors achieve their goals, has been formed not only within our own region, but also throughout more than sixty other individual communities which stretch across various parts of our province.

The program is entitled Arrow Lakes Better at Home and is intended as a valuable helping resource which is now available to those of us who have reached the age of 65 years. This is a program which values the principles of healthy living, helping to maintain the delicate balance of aiming toward independence while at the same time, encouraging an individual to accept a helping hand.

Arrow Lakes Better at Home offers non-medical helping services. A service charge, which is highly reasonable and determined by one’s ability to pay, especially benefits those who live on a limited income. The program in action aims to coordinate paid service providers or volunteers by providing transportation to appointments (mileage is paid to the community driver), occasional or regular garden care and light housekeeping services, which are not medically related, within the seniors’ own home.

Companionship is also extended to those who seek ways and means of remaining in touch with our community (subject to the availability of volunteers)as well as access to minor home repair services which are carried out by a professional contractor who is registered with Better at Home.

The program operates locally under the auspices of Arrow Lakes Community Services and is managed through the United Way of Lower Mainland and funded by the Province of BC. Residents of Burton, Fauquier and Edgewood, as well as those who reside within the boundaries of Nakusp and surrounding areas, are eligible to apply for service or to register as a program volunteer.

For further details or to arrange an appointment, contact the program coordinator, Susan Kostuch at 265-250-8747. The office is located within the Community Services office complex at 205-6th Ave NW. in Nakusp.


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