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This week's issue focuses on other helpful features at the Nakusp Public Library.

The Nakusp Library website provides clear instruction on how to use this resource for a variety of purposes including placing reserves on literature you wish to borrow for a period as well as renewing library materials and ordering books from other libraries.

It is possible to access online databases such as magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias as well as downloaded eBooks and audio books from an impressive list housed within the library.

To reserve and renew library materials, proceed to the Library’s home page for the purpose of setting up an account. Click on “check your account” and be prepared to use your library card number as your user name. Note that your user name is case sensitive, and then use the 4 digits of your telephone number as your password.

At this point you will be instructed to set up a new password, then follow the link to “Your Account” to view what you have borrowed. You may also search the library’s catalogue and choose to reserve books you wish to borrow by following the “place hold” link. The library will telephone or email you when the item is available for pickup.

To order books from other libraries, access the Nakusp Library’s home page and then scroll down to “Outlook Online.” First click the link and then the “begin” button. Next you will note the box marked “search for” indicated in the “search” page. Type the title or author of the book you are requesting, and click on “search.”

If the search results show the book which you want, click on the book’s title. In the case of multiple title listings, click the title which shows the most locations (see number in brackets).

Then, click the “request this item” button. Fill in “patron’s email” if you plan to use this medium, then press the “submit” button. At this point you will see a screen which says that your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request has been submitted successfully.

Note that ILLs usually take from one to two weeks to arrive. As a patron you can check on the status of your requests by following the “Your Account” links. You are permitted up to three active interlibrary loan requests at a time, however libraries only lend books, not DVD’s or audio books or new books which have been published within the past year.

Contact Nakusp Public Library if you are experiencing problems or if you need further direction, at 250-265-3363 or email


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