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Keeping communities clean and filing taxes on time.

In excess of 40,000 tons of scrap tires are collected annually in BC for the purpose of recycling into fuel supplements and other innovative and useful products.

The scrap tires, which are recouped for this purpose are the basis of manufactured crumb rubber playground equipment, landscaping mulch as well as colourful, resilient flooring which is commonly found in use within recreational facilities.

Tire Stewardship BC is a non-profit registered society which has been formed to manage and promote a primary tire recycling program. The program collects an advance disposal fee which is commonly referred to as an “eco fee” which is levied on the sale of every new tire which is purchased.

These fees are used to pay for transporting and recycling BC generated scrap tires and in turn we are assured that the tires are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way, instead of simply ending up in the landfill.

We are all being urged to do our part in keeping BC’s environment free of scrap tires. The following locations are open to the public, inviting consumers to drop off their unwanted tires for recycling purposes locally: Wilf Hewat Tire Shop, 720-10th Avenue NW (265-4438); Kal Tire, 95-6th Avenue NW (265-4155); Crescent Bay Construction, 1002 Highway 6 south, (265-3747) and North Nakusp Automotive Service, 1350-13 Street NW (265-4406).

Tire Stewardship BC is a environmentally responsible community service. Note that it is not necessary to drop off your unwanted tires at the place where you originally may have purchased them.

For additional information regarding the recycling of tires as well as initiatives including the recycling of bicycle tires or others, call 1-866-759-0488 (Victoria) or visit the website at


We are reminded once again that Revenue Canada requests that our annual income tax information be filed by the deadline of April 30. The following trained community volunteers are available upon request to provide help to those (of any age) who need assistance on a free, confidential basis: Heather Davidson (265-3372), Debi Bleakney (269-7570 Faquier/Edgewood/Arrow Park) , Dianne Zeuch (265-4298).

Revenue Canada reminds us that it will be necessary to file your preferably computerized and simple income tax data by the deadline date in order to ensure having a social security or pension cheque which you may be counting on to arrive on time. This applies to everyone, even if you would not be required to pay income tax.

If you miss the deadline, it is likely that your income tax information will be added by Revenue Canada to a growing pile of late-comers, risking facing the problem of an individual not being able to cover the costs of foods, meds, shelter or other living expenses. In cases such as these, your income tax confirmation may be processed by RC at a later date than you would have expected otherwise.

Based on what the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) team sees happening each year, choosing to be late on the part of those who do not take the warning seriously, might turn out to be a considerable inconvenience, especially on the part of those who live on a low income or who would have difficulty in accessing needed funds.


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