Seniors’ Column

This week's column focuses on making your health care needs known in advance.

“Advance care planning” for seniors is often a term referred to by individuals, families, and caregivers.

The purpose is to make sure your wishes and instructions concerning your health care are known, understood, and respected.

A wealth of practical information is available from a variety of resources, serving as a valuable assist to those wishing to explore the subject and its benefits, as well as implications overall.

According to representatives of HealthLink BC, we are reminded that one never knows when a serious accident or illness might result in one’s being made incapable of making personal and health care treatment decisions.

By planning ahead, your health care team will be equipped with the information and health care treatments you wish to be followed. When the people you trust know what is important to you, it is much easier for caregivers and immediate family members to make these decisions on your behalf.

Appointing someone to make decisions concerning your financial affairs, business and property, as well as becoming acquainted with the purpose of an official representative agreement are advanced care options to be considered. Futher benefits are likely to be discussed when an advanced care workshop which is open to the public takes place.

For further details about the importance of advance health care planning, contact HealthLink BC at 8-1-1.


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