Seniors’ Column

This week's column takes a look at the 55+ BC Games, along the the contemporary image of the 55+ community.

The 55+ BC Games is an annual multi-sport event which is produced by the BC Seniors Games Society for the 55+ population of BC. This is an annual 5-day celebration attracting more than 3,500 participants as well as volunteers of all ages from communities located across the province.

According to organizers, communities located across BC are transformed by the inspirational lifestyles of those aged 55 years and over as BC Games participants who qualify via regional zone playoffs. The games and zone activities emphasize not only physical but also creative achievement within the scope of friendly competition.

The society’s mission is to improve the health, lifestyle and image of BC’s 55+ population. This is done by organizing the annual 55+ BC Games, an opportunity to participate in physical and social activities.

Promoting community awareness of the contemporary image of the 55+ plus population demonstrates that participants are both physically active and socially engaged. Year round participation is promoted at the zone level in particular. Through defining the unique needs of this particular group, the BCSG Society serves as a bridge between the 55+ population and also provincial, local organizations and recreation departments.

The society is committed to, and will actively promote the following fundamental values including championing the idea of life-long activity and friendly competition and those aged 55+ who are viewed as valuable role models.

The goal is to model the principles of openness, honesty and democracy in the governance of our society. Participants work together on the basis of trust and mutual support, acting ethically in everything undertaken. Volunteers are greatly valued and honoured for all of their contributrions, and team effort is highlighted.

Competitors are required to pay a registration fee and must also be members of the BC Seniors Games Society. For details on how to become involved, go to or call 1-778-426-2940 (Sidney, BC location).


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