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This week's column goes into further detail about a new Better At Home grocery shopping service.

Last week’s column provided details of a new program which is primarily offered to residents of Fauquier, Burton, Edgewood, Arrow Park and surrounding areas.

Arrow Lakes Better at Home has now launched a monthly door-to-door grocery shopping service utilizing the seven-seat Nakusp Community Bus which is free to those who are registered as a client. Donations are also most welcome.

For Better at Home registered clients in Nakusp, some volunteers have kindly stepped forward as drivers. To purchase vouchers and to arrange transportation, you can contact the program coordinator Susan for more information.

The following details refer to a subsidy category level, cost per voucher and total cost of four vouchers. Note that additional vouchers cost $5 each.

Subsidy level category A, 100 per cent, service is free and a maximum of four vouchers are available per calendar month. Category B, 70% per cent cost is $1.50 per voucher; $6 maximum for four vouchers per month.

Category C, cost is 50 per cent, $2.50 per voucher to a maximum of four per calendar month. Category C2 is $3.50 per voucher or $14 maximum to a maximum of four per calendar month. In category D, no subsidy is provided, cost of each voucher is $5 to a maximum of $20.

Some of the BAH services are paid based on a sliding scale relative to your household income. If your financial situation has changed such as through a new living arrangement or death of a spouse, this may affect your sliding scale category

Note that BAH is a pilot project for rural and remote communities, and continual evaluation of the program in order to determine its value and how services can be improved, takes place Client feedback surveys occur by mail.

Don’t forget to return the completed survey and an answer to a question is required. Contact the Program Coordinator (Susan) at 250-265-3674, extension 224 or call 250-265-8787.


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