Seasonal policing underway

RCMP members will be checking boaters for licensing, safety and competency

  • Jun. 2, 2016 7:00 p.m.
RCMP Crest

RCMP Crest

100 Mile House RCMP members are beginning their seasonal policing enforcement for 2016.

This enforcement will be focusing on boat operation, all terrain vehicle (ATV) operation and campground patrols over the summer.

Some of the areas that will receive enforcement include the proper licensing of vessels, safety equipment, pleasure craft operator certification and impaired operation of a vessel.

Did you know?

That it is a requirement to license any pleasure craft vessel, which is powered by an engine greater than 10 horse power.

That a vessel must have the license displayed on the hull in block characters not less than 75 millimetres high in a colour that contrasts with the background on both sides of the bow of the vessel.

Operators must be able to produce a copy of the vessel licence whenever the vessel is in use.

The fine for operating a pleasure craft vessel which is not licensed or failing to produce a copy of the vessel licence is $250.

Did you know?

Operating a vessel with safety equipment not in good working order or readily accessible and available for immediate use can result in a fine of $200.

Did you know?

Operating a pleasure craft without proof of competency, having that proof of competency on board or allowing someone to operate a pleasure craft without either of those items can result in a fine of $250.

On patrol

Patrols will be conducted throughout the 100 Mile Detachment area during the coming months. These are just some examples of the items that will be checked in regards to vessel operation and compliance with the Small Vessel Regulations and the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

For more details or to download the current version of the Safe Boating Guide, please check out the Office of Boating Safety on theTransport Canada’s website at


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