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Seabird Island ECD playground is closed to public, leaders stress

Seabird Island ECD director writes impassioned letter to community

  • May. 7, 2020 12:00 a.m.

While experiencing the outdoors is important, even more important is the need to look out for each other during the pandemic.

In a recently issued letter, Seabird Island Early Childhood Department (ECD) director Carlene Brown urged people to stay away from the ECD playgrounds at this time.

“We need to emphasize that getting outside is good, for all members in the household, but that this must take place in your own surroundings and far from crowded spaces,” Brown wrote. “Please be sure that your children understand that our ECD playgrounds are not open for play at this time.”

Brown said over the long weekend, people were in the ECD yards, left garbage behind, played on the equipment and with all the toys.

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“There is risk every piece of equipment and every toy could be infected – we can have the virus and not have any symptoms, so we can spread it without knowing that we are doing so,” Brown wrote. “Because of the unauthorized use of our outdoor play space, our daycare children were unable to use the outside yard, and staff worked to make sure that every item, every inch of every piece of equipment was disinfected and all garbage removed. The playground was only then safe again for our youngest citizens to enjoy.”

Brown said ECD staff members have been very diligent with COVID-19 protocols and in their cleaning routines, but even with their efforts, they cannot prevent infection on their own.

“We need your help. We ask that you all work with us, that you respect our goals for cleanliness. We ask that you do not use our playgrounds at this time. They are closed to public activity.”

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