School board gets prelimary report on Solar Energy Challenge

Highlights from the Education Partnership Committee Meeting of May 10.

Things are going well for students taking part in the Solar Energy Challenge.

Both Rhys McLeod of Nakusp Secondary School (NSS) and the Grade 7/8/9 math class at Lucerne Elementary Secondary School (LESS) have done data tracking and analysis on the solar energy systems at Nakusp Elementary School (NES) and LESS.

While both groups taking part feel there isn’t enough data to present a full report to the board, the LESS students have given a premilinary report to the board.

Their findings show since December, the system at LESS has produced 68.29 kilowatts per hour (kWh), per day, and this number will increase as the days approach the solstice.

On a number of days in the last few weeks, the LESS class observed the monitoring system indicated production of electricitry over 200 kWh, which is the equivalent to the energy needed to run 10-20 households.

The board looks forward to a more extensive review from McLeod and the LESS class.


Fauquier property


School District 10 has been granted an additional sewer connection by BC Hydro to the community sewer system, which will allow the property to be divided into two lots. Percolation tests and soil tests for a potential septic field showed the ground was made of a heavy clay soil, which made the application to BC Hydro necessary. The district plans to subdivide the property into two lots. One would have the existing school building on it, which would be sold to the community of Fauquier. The other property would be for sale at market value.


Burton Academy seniors ace Junior Dragons Den


The Burton Outdoor Education Academy students won first prize in the Junior Dragons Den competition held in Trail two weeks ago. The EZ Lite Fire Starter invention was well marketed and presented. The team had first presented their product over the winter at the Vancouver Boat Show, and again in the spring at the Vernon Rod and Gun Show, and twice at Junior Dragons Den.

Seattle and Silverwood Field Trip

Grade 11/12 students from Lucerne Elementary Secondary School are on the road this week learning urban skills and having fine arts adventures in Seattle, Washington. At the end of the week, the senior class will be joined by Lucerne’s Grade 7/8/9 class as they all investigate the physics of Silverwood Theme Park in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Staff appreciation

The Board of Education is planning an event to show appreciation to members of staff. They plan on honouring those who have been with the district for a number of years. They will also be honouring those retiring at the end of this school year. The board invites all staff to attend.


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