Rossland City Council Briefs

Rossland City Council conducted an inaugural meeting on Dec. 1 with all the newly elected officials present.

  • Dec. 4, 2014 9:00 a.m.

Alicia Wallace


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Rossland City Council conducted an inaugural meeting on Dec. 1 with all the newly elected officials present.

Council adopted the 2015 regular meeting schedule, which gives notice for 21 regular meetings scheduled throughout the new year. Council then resolved to make a motion to bring regular meetings forward by one hour to a 6 p.m. commencement. The new meeting time will begin at the next regular meeting on Dec. 8. Readers take note; if you are planning on sitting in the public gallery next week, ensure you arrive before 6 p.m..

After extensive discussions over Council representatives to the Board of Directors of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and to the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District, council appointed Mayor Moore and Councillor McLellan as Rossland’s representatives.

Council adopted the appointments of representatives and alternative representations to the 17 committees they will sit on as per the Dec. 1 agenda. In addition, the mayor will sit on the Public Works committee alongside Coun. Kruysse.

The request for a council decision in regard to correspondence received from Rossland Mountain Market posed a great deal of questions and discussions about how council can support community groups without costing tax payers. The newly elected officials debated ideas of allowing this not-for-profit group a trial period.

“I like the idea of a trial but we must recover costs,” said Coun. McLellan. The Mayor went on to add that even though this was a new council, the community still needed council to support initiatives and “we still have to make decisions,” she said in response to Coun. Kruysse expressing his desire to maintain the status quo until they had a handle on council business.

Council resolved to adopt the staff recommendation not to waive the full fees for hire of the Miners’ Hall but then went on to pass a motion to reduce the fees for a trial period. This would allow the market to determine if this new economic development initiative would be viable.

Coun. Zwicker suggested implementing council’s new approach to engaging communications with the public. He proposed to speak with the market organizer to request a booth at the winter markets to enable the community to connect with council.

As the previous council had made a number of resolutions throughout the year deviating from the original financial plan, an amendment to Bylaw 2579 was required. Adoption of the Bylaw, 2014 to 2018 Financial Plan Amendment had been read the required three times to the previous council and it was left in the hands of the new council to adopt.

Coun. McLellan expressed this decision was redundant for him given the previous council’s involvement. Coun. Kruysse suggested it was a touchy issue and he was not comfortable with it. Mayor Moore reassured the newly elected officials that the financial plan is fluid and they were only voting to allow staff to expend public funds that had already been committed by the previous council.

During the member reports period Coun. Kruysse said it has been an interesting few weeks with a great deal of optimism out there in the community and “now it is time to plan our work and work our plan.” Coun. Zwicker noted that the priorities of the councillors seemed to be aligned and he looks forward to a self-sustainable future.


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