More improvements are coming to the Rossland arena. Photo: John Boivin

More improvements are coming to the Rossland arena. Photo: John Boivin

Rossland Arena washrooms set to get over $13,000 in improvements

New toilets, sinks, hand dryers some improvements coming

  • Aug. 17, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Rossland city council has decided to let the Rossland Rotary Club complete over $13,000 worth of upgrades to the washrooms at the local arena.

According to an online grant application submitted by the club, new toilets, sinks, flooring, drywall, paint, hand dryers, and wheelchair-accessible doors will be installed during the project.

“This is fantastic because for so long the arena was the only city-owned facility that didn’t have a group that looked after it with tender, love and care,” said Mayor Kathy Moore.

“Now, the arena has the Rotary Club and we’re actually seeing the impacts of what a community group can do there.”

The Miners Hall and Rossland Library are two other city facilities maintained and improved by groups.

Rotary has raised approximately $6,600 and successfully secured another $6,600 grant to help make the project a reality.

While club members have found funding for the washroom improvements, they hope to secure more money to complete upgrades to the entire arena lounge.

New shatterproof windows, flooring, paint, a janitorial area and a wheelchair-accessible arena entrance are other improvements hoped to be completed as part of the bigger lounge project.

It’s not known exactly when the washroom upgrades will be completed.

The city recently announced that it would be opening the arena this upcoming October with limited hours.

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