The arena will only be open during the times it’s booked. File photo

The arena will only be open during the times it’s booked. File photo

Rossland arena set to open with reduced capacity on Oct. 19

Hockey teams will be able to play in arena when it opens

  • Sep. 10, 2020 12:00 a.m.

The Rossland Arena is set to open up with reduced capacity on Oct. 19.

City manager of recreation Kristi Calder said visitors will notice two major changes.

“We will be be going from 15 minutes to 30 minutes between booking times. That will change our normal schedule and push everything later into the evening,” said Calder.

“Visitors will also notice that the facility will be locked at all times. The facility will only be accessible during the times that it’s been booked.”

While hockey teams can now play in the arena when it opens, players are encouraged to check viaSport’s gameplay guidelines to reduce the threat of COVID-19 on the ice.

ViaSport advises hockey teams to modify rules to minimize physical contact when they play each other. No more than 50 players are allowed in each hockey league.

Hockey, curling, figure skating and public skating will take place at the arena when it opens.

To get insurance coverage, sport groups using the arena need to follow COVID-19 regulations set out by either the provincial or federal organization that governs their sport.

“We’ve already opened up our fields, parks and pools with COVID-19 protocols and now it’s just doing the same thing with our arena,” said Calder.

“This is just the next one on the list.”

The arena will be equipped with a new $575,000 chiller and condenser when it opens.

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