A couple wants the Regional District of Nanaimo to deal with roaming cats that are causing damage to gardens and killing wildlife. (Submitted Photo)

Roaming cats pose problem for Parksville Qualicum Beach area couple

Residents upset with felines damaging gardens, want RDN to take action

  • Dec. 4, 2020 12:00 a.m.

A couple in the Electoral Area F area (Errington, Coombs and Hilliers) in the Regional District of Nanaimo want a bylaw to deal with cats encroaching onto their property and causing damage.

The pair, who did not wish to be identified publicly, indicated to Area F director Leanne Salter they’ve had cats go into their property that destroy their gardens and kill birds. They said it’s long overdue that something is done about free-roaming cats in the district.

“We have tried all the methods suggested by the SPCA at our expense to deter cats and none of them work,” they said. “All available peer reviewed science agrees that domestic cats be kept indoors or on a tether to keep the cats and the wildlife safe. The SPCA even promotes this.”

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The couple indicated a new animal responsibility bylaw being proposed in Nanaimo should be extended to the regional district as a whole.

“Currently there is no legal way to prevent these animals from entering our yard and no incentive for lazy irresponsible pet owners to control their pets,” they said. “This has created a situation that prevents us and thousands like us from properly enjoying our yard.”

The City of Nanaimo is currently working on a new bylaw that includes a prohibition against cats at large. It would mean owners would have to keep cats indoors or on a leash outdoors to keep the animals from roaming.


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