Recycling changes to come for Abbotsford residents

Participating in new program will see some material no longer accepted curbside, including plastic bags and glass.

Recycling changes to come for Abbotsford residents

Changes are on the way for how Abbotsford residents recycle.

The City of Abbotsford recently announced that it had signed up to join the provincial Multi-Material BC (MMBC) recycling program.

The program requires companies that produce packaging and paper to pay for the cost to recycle it.

The city says that signing an agreement will allow it to collect around $1 million in revenue through the program.

“The City essentially becomes a contractor. The fact that we could actually generate revenue that goes back into our recycling and solid waste programming was an added benefit for joining the program,” Mayor Henry Braun said in a news release.

Residents will see some changes. In particular, no glass or film plastics – like plastic bags – will be accepted curbside. Such material can be dropped off at local depots, and some retailers have bag recycling programs.

Coffee cups and lids, paper pet food bags and more plastic containers will now be collected. Other material, including paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum, milk cartons and plastics, will also continue to be collected.

The changes take effect at the start of April. If substantial amounts of outlawed material is still appearing in blue bags after that date, the City of Abbotsford could be penalized.

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