Recycling bins will stay in New Hazelton

Hazelton residents can continue to recycle their paper and cardboard locally.

Hazelton residents can continue to recycle their paper and cardboard locally.

The recycling bins at the Skeena Bakery and at the landfill were meant to be temporary and part of pilot project, started in 2011.

However, The Regional District of Kitimat Stikine environmental services coordinator Margaret Kujat says they have decided to keep them, at least for now.

“A short while ago, I had to go to the board and explain that this program had been put in place and that the funding was terminal. We had to decide if we would try and maintain the same level of service or would I have to pull those bins? Funding was not allocated to continue the program. Our solid waste management plan monitory advisory committee made a strong recommendation to the board that we try  to maintain the same level of service. So we will try to maintain two bins at the bakery and the ones at the landfill. In partnership with Waste Management, who services those bins, they are trying to find a way to provide a two for one deal. They aren’t in the businesses of doing freebees but they are searching for a way to provide a deal. We are happy to be able to do that with them. People have accepted the bins very well, schools are using them, local businesses and residents are using them. It has been very successful.”

“As we move forward on all of our solid waste management plans, we are trying to encourage the public to recognize there are diversion opportunities they could or should be taking to make sure certain products don’t end up in the landfill. Hazelton has less opportunities to recycle but having said that, the cardboard issue was one that we could help them with.”

Kujat said as long as there is room in future budgets, the recycling bins will stay. 

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