RDCK budget highlights for Area K 2017

Highlights from the RDCK budget for Nakusp and Area K on March 6

The purpose of the budget meeting was to cover all services that the Village of Nakusp or Area K participate in in the regional district.

General services

There were some changes in the general services, mainly because of the board’s strategic priority initiatives. A parks and trails inventory is being done of all assets within the regional district.

RDCK will be doing a provincial mapping of trails, regional district parks, and local trails managed by local interest groups. This information will then go into the RDCK’s Geospatial Information Systems.

Rural Administration

There is a tax increase in rural administration from 2016-2017, mainly because of a deficit to this service. The increase is needed to pay off that deficit. A part-time bylaw officer will soon start working in Creston.

District’s building inspection for the year over budget

They went over budget on building inspections to help with a stabilization reserve that was put in place to assist with permit fee fluctuations. Drawing from this reserve will help keep taxation flat.

911 service to change providers this year

The current 911 provider costs the RDCK $326,502. By switching providers it is estimated the cost for the new 911 provider will only be $184,747.02.

Right now the RDCK’s 911 service provider is Kootenay-Boundary. The new provider has not been announced.

Emergency planning for Nakusp and Area K

There will be an increase of the Emergency Planning budget as a wildfire technician will be hired.

Cemetery upkeep for Nakusp

The RDCK has received $25,400 in grant money to help maintain the three cemeteries in the area. Upkeep includes mowing, grave marker and ground maintenance and making sure the fencing is maintained.

Much of the money for cemetery upkeep comes from burials.

Animal Control

Budget for animal control services had to be increased, mainly because of a fluctuation in calls.


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