RCMP Report: Youths walked over unstable Kicking Horse River

Police responded to a report of a group of young people walking on the ice of the Kicking Horse River on Dec. 5.


Police are investigating a fraud whereby a local resident noted a large amount of funds had been withdrawn from her bank account.  The funds had been taken by bank transfers being made to various credit cards not belonging to the account holder.

The matter is still under investigation and enforces the need to secure your personal and security information.  Don’t share your passwords with anyone and ensure you are in a secure location when conducting on line or by phone bank actions.


On Thursday evening police pulled two impaired drivers from the road and responded to a vehicle collision on the highway where alcohol was involved.  People just are not getting the message.  There are so many ways that impaired driving affects our lives.  From loss of driving privileges, in some cases which can affect employment – to injury and death.  Make no mistake, Police Officers in this community are committed to providing safe and homes and a safe community throughout the year.  With an increase in social gatherings during the festive season, plan ahead – be aware that the cab service may be busy or unavailable so designate a sober driver or walk.

Police responded to a report of a group of young  people walking on the ice of the Kicking Horse River on Dec. 5.  A passing train conductor noticed the youths on the ice near the Golden Secondary School.  Police responded and after conducting enquiries were able to determine the youths had come off the ice safely.  They were located and spoken too.  The river, even when it appears to be frozen over, is very unpredictable and unsafe.  Had there not been someone who had seen the youths leave the river safely, other resources, including search and rescue may have been required to ensure the students had not fallen into the river.


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