RCMP Report: Make Clearwater a “garbage bear free zone”

Once a bear gets a taste for human garbage, the bear will never leave

RCMP logo

RCMP logo

RCMP have been hearing numerous reports of a brown bear eating garbage and so on in the Weyerhaeuser residential area for quite some time.

Last week the bear was cornered in a backyard by RCMP and contained until a Conservation officer arrived.

The bear was promptly removed from the residence and the area.

Just a friendly reminder to keep your garbage lids and freezer lids locked. Once a bear gets a taste for human garbage, the bear will never leave.


Unwanted person

Clearwater RCMP received reports from numerous people of a hitchhiker camping outside of a local campground.

The female had come to Clearwater for work but was unable to hold down a job.

Instead, she decided to sleep and go to the bathroom right on the side of a main street.

Clearwater officers arrived on scene and ushered the female to move along.


Highway is not a race track

Police issue a reminder that with warm weather come faster highway speeds.

Officers from all detachments will be keen on getting a head-start in collision prevention.

The number one way to prevent collisions is to stay within the speed limits.

The number one way to make sure people stay within the speed limits? Hand out tickets to those driving over the limits.


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