RCMP REPORT: Attempted break-and-enter

Two unknown males entered the home, apparently believing it was unoccupied. It wasn't

  • Apr. 20, 2014 5:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, April 15, Clearwater RCMP responded to a break-and-enter of someone’s home.

Two unknown males believed the residence was unoccupied when they saw the only vehicle had left. They entered the residence to find that the rest of the family was still there.

The males were chased out of the house by the owner’s dog. The males were unidentified.

If anyone has any information on this incident, please contact the RCMP.


Family violence

This past week Clearwater RCMP members were called to two separate domestic disputes. In both cases, the males were arrested and charges forwarded to Crown.

One male was arrested for assault while another one was arrested for uttering threats.

Due to the importance of dealing with family violence as quickly as possible, all people arrested for domestic violence must appear in court within two weeks.

Both males will be attending court in Kamloops, as Clearwater doesn’t have a court date until the end of May.


Traffic enforcement

The warm weather has arrived and, because of that, the road conditions have been optimal for speeding.

Within the last week alone, Clearwater RCMP has had to deal with 14 traffic-related calls.

Be warned, Clearwater general duty members will be patrolling the highway, along with the Clearwater Traffic Unit.

A friendly reminder that speeding in excess of 40km/h over the speed limit will result in a $400 fine and the loss of your vehicle for seven days, as it will be impounded.

Speaking of the Traffic Unit….

In the last week the Clearwater Traffic unit has investigated several roadside incidents, resulting in three impaireds, three tows for excessive speeding and the seizure of 20 gm of marijuana.



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