Police lights

Police lights

RCMP avoid getting skunked responding to animal in distress

Cranbrook police responded to a rather unusual call Tuesday morning involving a skunk

Cranbrook police responded to a rather strange call involving a skunk in distress in the Pinewood Elementary School neighbourhood Tuesday morning.

The striped mammal had managed to get it’s head stuck in a peanut butter jar and could not remove it without assistance.

Fortunately, a neighbourhood resident had experience dealing with skunks and was able to help another onlooker avoid getting sprayed by using a blanket to cover the skunk, which generally only spray as a last resort self-defense mechanism.

With the skunk covered by the blanket, a neighbour was able to pull the jar off while avoiding any, uh, aromatic consequences, and the animal wandered off unharmed, according to RCMP.

“It was quite the scene in the cul de sac this morning,” said Cst. Katie Forgeron. “It’s definitely not the kind of call the RCMP are used to dealing with. Cranbrook RCMP would like to thank those individuals who helped this poor critter out.”

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