Rash of mail theft in South Okanagan

Multiple apartment buildings in Penticton were the subject of mailbox thefts over the past week.



A string of thefts from mailboxes in Penticton and the South Okanagan has RCMP encouraging residents to check their mail frequently.

Police said 80 mailboxes were broken into in the Riva Ridge area of Kaleden overnight on Jan. 6.

An apartment building at 1028 Government St. was entered and the mailboxes were pried open sometime overnight Jan. 8. Another building at 202 Edmonton Ave. was broken into overnight as well with six banks of mailboxes in the lobby opened with a screwdriver.

Police said thieves are looking identification for identity theft and fraud purposes, credit cards, early tax returns, social insurance number and anything of value. The same evening the building at 832 Fairview Rd. was entered and eight banks of mailboxes were pried open.

Penticton RCMP Cpl. Don Wrigglesworth said those who have their boxes broken into should contact fraud prevention organizations like Equifax.

“Pick up your mail everyday, don’t let it pile up,” Wrigglesworth said.


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