Pump labels a federal, not CVRD decision

Cobble Hill – Your article about Our Horizon wanting to put labels on gas pumps only presented one side.

Having labels using the word “may” is a problem. What does the other side say? What are the facts? None were presented by this group. Once again they are using fear to elevate their side.

The CVRD has no business studying whether to implement this. This is a federal decision much like the labels on cigarettes. Would the CVRD take this one step further and study whether labels should be put on cars in the car lots, on drivethru menu boards and the like? This would be just as ludicrous. Makes for a touchy-feely sound bite for a politician though.

It always seems that special interest groups get their way and the everyday citizen be damned. We only pay taxes but do not have a lobby group to represent us. It is always said that we can effect change at the next election. That is four years of wasted monies that we will never get back.

Perhaps lobbying for a bypass around Duncan should be a priority, if they want to reduce pollution. Carrying on with this study is waste of taxpayer dollars and will also make us the laughingstock of the country.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen