It’s crucial to follow provincial health guideliens to stop further spread of the virus, according to the Physicans of Golden. (File photo)

Positive COVID cases confirmed in Golden

The exposure occured at the Golden arena through one of the hockey cohorts.

  • Nov. 24, 2020 12:00 a.m.

A Golden resident has taken to social media to inform the community he tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.

Following this announcement, other positive COVID-19 cases began to be confirmed in the community.

Physicians of Golden confirmed these cases in its Nov. 23 community update, which was also posted to Facebook.

The exact number of positive cases is not known, as the count is not publicized to the community, as explained in the physicians’ update.

“People have asked why we do not publicize exact case counts for the local community. There are several reasons. The most important is that patient confidentiality is a real thing and we take it very seriously. Under no circumstances would we do anything to inadvertently identify an individual who is affected,” read the update.

“Regardless of the exact numbers, the virus will continue to enter our community until the pandemic is under control. We need to continue to do everything we can to contain these cases and not become one of the clusters Dr. Henry announces on the daily update.”

It is not the first time the virus has found its way to Golden, with residents being exposed while out of the community and bringing it home, or being exposed by visitors to the community, according to the physicians. So far, all these cases have been isolated and contained.

The current positive cases come from an exposure event at the Golden arena. So far, there are no plans to close the arena, according to recreation manager Jordan Petrovics.

“As a facility, we have received no further direction from Interior Health that we need to close or modify our operations based on the exposure of the event,” said Petrovics.

“Following the Phase 3 plan, the notification system through the health officials was rolled out as it was supposed to be, our cleaning protocols that have been in place have been working. It’s up to our user groups on how they feel if they want to continue operations or not based on risks or concerns.”

The town has decided to pull the ice time for the group in question where the exposure occurred, stating it will be restored once the town gets the all-clear from that cohort.

Recreation services and the town continue to follow Viasport guidelines and health orders from the provincial health office concerning the operation of public facilities and programs.

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