Left to right: Vicki Smart, Barb Lee, with Meant 2B Loved, Damien Vincent and Kendall Brehm, with Vincent Photography, pictured at Top Crop during a cheque presentation. Trevor Crawley photo.

Porch pet photo campaign raises $4,000 for local rescue society

Vincent Photography raises thousands of dollars in donations through fall photo shoots

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged fundraising activities for charitable causes, however, a local photographer launched a creative photo campaign, raising thousands of dollars for a local pet rescue society.

Damien Vincent and Kendall Brehm, with Vincent Photography, captured images of people with household — or barnyard — pets, raising over $4,000 for Meant 2B Loved, a pet rescue society based in the Cranbrook and Kimberley area.

Vincent and Brehm spent much of the fall season photographing over 150 subjects with their pets, which included the prototypical household companions such as dogs cats, but also some fish tanks, horses, and other farm animals.

“I think it was amazing,” said Vincent. “I think the whole community — not only Cranbrook, it was Cranbrook, Kimberley Fernie, Marysville, Moyie, Jaffray…it was amazing…everybody donated a lot. It was very good.”

Brehm celebrated the Meant 2B Loved cause, which was identified and supported by Top Crop.

“We’re both animal lovers and when we found out that this money was going to be going to this local organization, we were pretty excited about that, just because we know that these people put in their time and their efforts, and volunteer and we know that the money is going to be very well spent.”

Vicki Smart and Barb Lee accepted the donation on behalf of Meant 2B Loved, during a recent cheque presentation at Top Crop.

Smart says the funds will go towards caring for pets who are rescued or fostered and in need of veterinary treatment or procedures such as spaying and neutering.

“These funds that are coming in, just gives us a bit of a buffer to be able to take in more animals,” said Smart, noting that the organization has a network of foster homes for animals to stay before finding a permanent home.

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