Police week dominated by alcohol abuse

Police week dominated by alcohol abuse

Creston RCMP responded to 71 calls for assistance, many involving alcohol-fueled issues, from April 24 - May 1.

Creston RCMP responded to 71 calls for assistance, many involving alcohol-fueled issues, from April 24 – May 1, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Tuesday.

April 24

• A driver of a semi has been charged with leaving the scene of a collision. He told police he left because he didn’t think the damage was excessive.

April 25

• It took a lengthy discussion with police before a male agreed to stop yelling obscenities from his roof. He said he was warning the public about the dangers of drug abuse.

April 26

• Alcohol or other intoxicating substances might have been a factor in an accusation that an acquaintance had stolen a debit card. Police concluded that no criminal offence had taken place.

• A driver who had been drinking was stopped at Rykerts, where he was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition and had the vehicle impounded. The driver had to take a cab back home to Creston.

April 27

• When police investigated a report of an intoxicated man in the downtown area he said he was drinking water but refused to turn over his water bottle for inspection. He was arrested and held in cells until sober. He was found to be in possession of liquor when searched.

• Police responded to a report that two youths had been seen stealing bicycles from the complainant’s yard. They were located and questioned at the police station, then returned to their parents.

• A cabin renter in Riondel had to walk home after police found him to be driving while intoxicated. He got a 90-day driving suspension and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

April 28

• A driver stopped by police for speeding in Crawford Bay was found to have been drinking. He was given a 3-day driving prohibition.

• A landlord-tenant dispute in Erickson required police intervention.

• A male faces new charges after police observed him walking with a female, contrary to a no-contact order. He was arrested for breaching conditions and a search led to the discovery of illicit drugs.

April 29

• The investigation continues after police had to intervene in a neighbours’ dispute in which a concern over driving led to a physical confrontation and subsequent property damage in retaliation.

April 30

• The parties were separated and no further incident was reported after police intervened in a domestic argument.

• Police received a report about a suspicious male and a stalled vehicle in town. The truck was found to be a stolen vehicle and it contained other stolen items from the area. The suspect has yet to be located.

• A suspect has been identified in a break and entry at a local business.

• Police received an anonymous complaint about an impaired driver, whom they found speeding. He failed a roadside screening test for alcohol and was given a 90-day driving suspension. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

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