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Local RCMP busy with a variety of issues, and roadside checks


A total of 62 calls for service were received by 100 Mile House RCMP this past week, of which eight of them were false alarms or abandoned 911 calls, three complaints were of persons intoxicated in a public place, three calls of break-and-enters, three complaints of assault and three complaints of uttering threats.

On the traffic side, 100 Mile House RCMP dealt with 12 traffic-related calls for service, of which three were complaints regarding the driving of a vehicle while impaired by either alcohol or drugs.


Roadside checks

A number of roadside checks have been conducted throughout the week in various locations around the 100 Mile House area.

A speed check was conducted on vehicles travelling in the 50 km/h zone on

Horse Lake Road near Pinkney Complex, during which 16 drivers were warned about their speed.

On April 12, a check which was being conducted on Canim-Hendrix Lake Road near the hydro station, which resulted in a driver receiving a three-day driving prohibition. The female driver, from North Vancouver, had displayed symptoms of having consumed alcohol, and subsequently provided two breath samples into an approved screening device at scene.

In addition to her three-day prohibition, her vehicle was also impounded for three days.


Supplying information

A key component in addressing public safety, is obtaining suitable information, so a complete investigation can be conducted.

Too often, the information provided to police is not sufficient to

proceed with a full investigation or charges being recommended.

100 Mile House RCMP would like to reinforce the benefits of complainants providing full details of their complaint and their willingness to provide a statement and attend court.

In many investigations, there is limited or no evidence of an offence having occurred except what was observed by witnesses. Without witness statements, the investigation cannot be continued to any court proceedings.

If anyone sees an offence occur, obtaining as many details as possible, such as a description of the people involved, licence plate number and

vehicle descriptions, and details of other possible witnesses all contribute to a successful prosecution.

It is recommended that all of this information be documented so it can be easily retrieved when the matter does make it into the judicial system.

100 Mile House RCMP would like to thank all those that have taken the time to report incidents and provide information to make our community safer.

Anyone wishing to report any suspicious activity or provide information about an investigation can call the 100 Mile House RCMP at 250-395-2456, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at www.bccrimestoppers.com.





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