Police report

News from the Summerland RCMP detachment over the past week.

License suspended

A motorist received a three-day suspension and had his vehicle impounded for three days following a single-vehicle accident on Sept. 4.

The accident occurred on Jones Flat Road around 8 p.m. when the driver hit the fence of an orchard.

Police say alcohol was a factor in the accident.

There was minor damage to the vehicle.

Scam calls reported

Police in Summerland have continued to receive reports of Revenue Canada scam calls.

Another 10 calls were reported over the past week.

The caller claims to be a representative of Revenue Canada and asks for immediate payment.

Police urge those targeted by these calls not to provide any personal information and not to send money.

Instead, they are urged to look up the number for Revenue Canada and inquire to determine if the call is legitimate or a scam attempt.


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