Police deal with threats and mental health issues

Police deal with threats and mental health issues

Creston RCMP responded to 73 calls for assistance from September 25 to October 2.

Creston RCMP responded to 73 calls for assistance from September 25 to October 2, Staff Sergeant Ryan Currie said on Tuesday.

September 25

• Police got a call for assistance to deal with an unwelcome youth outside a local school.

• A report came in about possible drug dealing in town.

• RCMP had to intervene in a neighbours’ dispute in Wynndel.

September 26

• A suspicious male and female who attended a residence in Creston posing as insurance bill collectors was received.

• Parties in a family dispute were separated to avoid issues.

• Police referred a landlord to the appropriate agency when he asked for help in evicting a tenant in West Creston. Police do not evict tenants, Currie said.

September 27

• A distraught youth who injured himself was taken for medical attention.

• Police attended to an issue with a trespasser on private property in Creston.

• When a complaint was made about inappropriate Facebook comments the issue was reported to the site administrator with a request to remove the comments.

• Police attended to keep the police when family members got embroiled in a dispute about the sale of personal belongings.

• When asked to intervene in a pet custody dispute police advised that the issue was a civil, not criminal, matter.

• A highly intoxicated male was arrested in Millennium Park and held in cells until sober.

• After attending to a noise complaint, police referred to Creston’s bylaw officer to follow up.

September 28

• A family member was accused of taking a car without consent.

• Police received a complaint about threats being uttered.

• Police were called to an alcohol-fueled disturbance in Lister.

• A male behaving suspiciously in a Creston restaurant was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

September 29

• Police helped herd cows off Highway 3 in Yahk.

• The subject reported by a Creston restaurant on September 28 was back again. Police returned him to the hospital.

• Police made a patrol with Conservation Officers after a report of suspicious hunters in the Yahk area.

• A stolen credit card was reported being used in Creston.

• People disputing the will of a deceased person were referred to civil lawyers.

• When police got a report of suspicious sounds coming from an app on a cell phone the complainant was provided assistance through health services.

September 30

• A person from Fernie reportedly missing, possibly in the Creston area, was located without issue.

October 1

• An industrial generator was reported stolen in Wynndel.

• Police believe a person accused of shoplifting at a Creston business might have taken the item by mistake.

• Police were called to assist with a mentally ill person.

• When police investigated a suspicious person walking in Lister with a flashlight they learned the man’s vehicle had broken down.

• A noise disturbance was reported in Creston.

• Police were notified about a threat to damage a vehicle.

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