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PODCAST: Small Housing – Building a Modern Community

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Jake Fry talks with co-hosts Jennifer-Lee and Mike about the concept of attainable housing for the missing middle and building thriving modern-day communities.

‘Our experience reflects that of the 370+ small homes we’ve built, easily over 85% have been for multi-generational living, and I think that’s the big drive,’ says Fry.

Land valuations, environmental impacts of today’s building materials and systems, and our end goals all add up to a riveting conversation with Fry recommending we keep an open mind to solutions and focus on sophisticated conversations, versus complicated ones.

‘I would argue there’s going to be lots of opportunities to reuse a building, renovate a building, and the greenest building is the building that’s standing right now. Period. And when we look to recycle, reuse, reduce, reusing those buildings where we can and trying to keep them as intact as possible, there’ll be opportunities for a house to have three suites in it and a coach house in the back, those are the things we have to be very vigorous about in our analysis of what is good.’ Jake Fry, Smallworks.

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