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PODCAST: Infill Homes – A Passivhaus+ Duplex

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with Joe Geluch looking at infill housing solutions featuring a Passivhaus+ duplex project with two lock-off suites, built on a single-family lot as a solution to addressing Vancouver’s Missing Middle housing.

‘We had the opportunity to present this project at the International Passive House Conference in Germany last year. People were interested in it as a new housing typology addressing the missing middle problem in Vancouver. Currently there is an incentive with the City of Vancouver until 2025 for the FSR exemption if you’re going for a certified passive house. This project got 18% extra floor area for doing a certified passive house duplex, which meant an additional 600 square feet total, essentially one extra bedroom per home,’ says Allison Holden-Pope of One Seed Architecture and Interiors.

Packed with information and ideas on infill housing solutions to address the missing middle, this episode explores how building to higher standards on a single-family lot can benefit your family and community.

‘Passive homes used to be all about energy efficiency, and now there is a focus on embodied carbon because you’ve already set this base of a high-performance home. Let’s do it using as sustainable materials. I think that that’s how things are evolving. It’s ultimately everybody’s dream, that passive house doesn’t even get mentioned anymore because it’s code. That’s just how we build. That’s what we want to have happen.’ Joe Geluch, Naikoon Contracting.

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