Planning underway for 20th annual Kispiox Music Festival

Work has begun on organizing and planning for this year’s annual music festival in Kispiox Valley.

Work has begun on organizing and planning for this year’s annual music festival in Kispiox Valley.

A general meeting was held earlier this month and president of the Kispiox Valley Music Festival Society Joe Sullivan said he was disappointed in the turnout and hoped more people will come forward to help out. He said they want to celebrate the 20 years that this event has been running.

“We wanted to do some things but they all require more help, more volunteers and in a small community like this, it’s tough. We do have a couple of oldtimers coming back, some people who played here at our first festival. So that will be a nice addition. They will be playing with other bands and doing some workshops, so that will be nice.”

The headliners have all been booked but there is some space still for regional performers to sign up. Sullivan said there is still more to do. The society is also still looking for a logo. Vendors and artisans can still apply to sell in the marketplace.

The society is also asking some campers to plan ahead.

“One of our major problems comes down to the number of people attending, we’ve kind of reached our max. When it comes to camping, in the early years we only had people come with tents but now we are seeing more of the big motorhomes. And those take up more than five times the space that tents do, so we are trying to find ways to accommodate those guests. They deserve to be there as much as anyone else but that does give us a problem with space. We are trying to find creative ways to give everyone the right opportunity without short changing any of our user groups.”

Sullivan said they are looking at building a campground across the road. 

The festival ground has the acreage to do that however it might be too late to build it for this year’s festival. The planning committee is asking those who are bringing an RV to preregister on their website.”

Organizers are still looking for more volunteers. Those who help get a free weekend pass and can eat for free with performers. The next planning meeting will take place on May 4 at the Kispiox Valley Community Hall and it’s open to the public. This year’s festival takes place July 25-27.


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