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Penticton’s Bad Tattoo won’t be asking for vaccine proof

Owner Lee Agur says it's unreasonable of government to require private businesses to enforce it

  • Aug. 26, 2021 12:00 a.m.

One of Penticton’s most popular breweries has announced they will not be enforcing the provincial mandate on having customers show proof of vaccination.

In an emailed statement, reproduced in full below, Bad Tattoo c0-owner Lee Agur announced that the Penticton location would not be checking whether individuals are vaccinated or forcing them to wear masks.

“I sent out an email because there are a lot of businesses discussing it right now that don’t have the confidence to openly put themselves out there,” said Agur on Thursday. “I’m trying to help them that way.”

Agur pointed to concerns for the safety of his employees, many of whom are young teens, being forced to effectively police the populace.

“I’ve supported everything along the way thus far, but there have been quite a few personal stories shared with me over the last several days, and it should be your basic right to choose,” said Agur. “I think this is an actual health and safety issue.”

Since the last year, in Penticton, the restaurant’s general manager has been stationed at the front door in order to take the pressure off the other employees.

“Basically we now position our most valuable person at the door so they can judge what to do,” said Agur.

It is a controversial decision, one that Agur recognizes, but also one that he feels is the right one to make.

“It comes back to principles. This is an extremely controversial decision, and a very difficult thing to do, it’s never been so divided,” said Agur. “It’s really more on the principle of things.

“It’s just not a reasonable request and it’s put on private businesses to do that, and it will result in bad things. Something will likely happen, and I don’t want it to happen at our place.”

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Hi Everyone,

If you are included on this e-mail I assumed you may have an interest in knowing our position (If not I apologize). I have been receiving a lot of calls recently regarding the vaccine passport and wanted to clarify my position and state this is all I have to say at the moment.

Bad Tattoo Brewing will not be implementing the vaccine passport.

Vaccine passports are unconstitutional. By enforcing something like the vaccine passport my business is at risk of breaking the law and we could get sued. I have customers that are threatening legal action if I discriminate against them or violate their privacy by requiring personal medical information. Some of these customers are the same people that have kept our business going during limited-service periods during the height of restrictions and we will not turn our backs on them now. They have shown us great loyalty and supported us through these extremely difficult times, and we will continue to show them that same loyalty in return, regardless of their very personal medical choices.

Requiring my 14 to 17-year-old hosts to enforce customer vaccine passports upon entry to the restaurants makes me fear for their health and safety and is not within the scope of their employment agreement.

I love living in Canada and one of the greatest things about being Canadian is being able to serve all of our customers without discrimination.


Lee Agur

Bad Tattoo Brewing

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