Peninsula Productions promised funding support

Troupe seeking $25,000 to the year to support projects and productions

Peninsula Productions is looking forward to a new year of entertainment, but says it will need a financial boost from the city to make it happen.

Wendy Bollard, artistic director of Peninsula Productions, took a break from rehearsal for the upcoming Steel Magnolias production to appear before White Rock council Monday evening as a delegation to update the city on the organization’s progress and to ask for support.

“For the last four years, we’ve been proving to our community that we are worth investing in. We provide entertainment that White Rock citizens would normally have to drive downtown to see,” she said. “We need support if we are to continue these extraordinary performances in White Rock. We’re asking for $25,000 for this year. And  the majority of these funds will go right back to White Rock.”

Bollard noted that in previous years, Peninsula Productions has relied heavily on the work of volunteers in order to prove themselves, as well as establish who and what they were, “which means a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” Bollard said.

“And volunteers, and me calling in favours from a lot of professionals.

“Now we need your help, so that’s what we’re asking for.”

Mayor Wayne Baldwin said that Bollard and the team of volunteers had done a “great job” over the last few years, noting that in regards to the finances, the city would provide some form of support.

“I don’t know if we’ll give you all of it, but we’ll certainly give you some of it,” he said, noting that the grants-in-aid process would soon be starting up.

Council voted unanimously to receive the information presented by Bollard.


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